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Golf for Gamers. The Game for Golfers. Get the golf-inspired, deck-building game backers are calling "a breath of fresh air."

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Big News just Popped Up!
about 2 months ago – Wed, May 20, 2020 at 04:34:32 AM

Hey Duffers,

Some big news today! After the Duffers Kickstarter completed and I was finalizing everything for print, I began talking to the newly formed TGG Games about working with them to publish the game. And today it was announced that we are a go! Watch here: The TGG Games Announcement 

What does that mean for you and your pledge? 

A few things:

  • We are still on schedule for an August delivery  
  • I'm still paying for the printing and shipping of all games and playmats for those who pledged and pre-ordered through BackerKit
  • You are getting a better game with more in the box at no extra cost to you. 

Better game? More in the box? Tell us more!

After playtesting with the TGG Games team, we identified a few spots that could be improved. To that end, I've added a new driver to the Stacks, new equipment and Crew that let you better manage your deck weight, and a brand new Caddie mat to hold your deck, track your tokens, and give Players additional abilities, including storing an unplayed card on the mat to use on a subsequent turn. Now instead of discarding that unused Putter, you can keep handy for when you really need it. Here's the Caddie Mat and a few of the new cards:

Take control of the game with your Caddie Card
Replaces Chip Shots in the Stacks
Clean up the course and manage your Duffs!
We've trained this little guy to deal with your unwanted cards...

But why work with a Publisher at all?

My one desire through all of this was to make the best Duffers possible and without a doubt, Jeff, Matt, Eddie and the rest of the folks at TGG have help take Duffers to the next level.  I have no doubt, you'll see that when you open the box this summer. I am beyond thrilled and very grateful for their insight and support!

And what about us Print n Play-ers? 

I haven't forgotten. I'm currently prepping a brand new PnP package for folks to download. You won't have to reprint every card, if you've already started playing, and I'll be sure to indicate which ones are new. 

And that's the update. I'm happy to take any and all questions, either here or in a direct message. I'm so excited and can't wait to send this to press in the next week or two. 

As always Duffers, stay safe, be well, and keep swinging!

-- Duane

Getting in Shape for Summer
3 months ago – Sat, Apr 04, 2020 at 09:45:43 PM

Hello Duffers!

It has been too long. I'd like to say that it's because I've been stuck in a sand trap all this time, but the truth is the world has become chaotic and unpredictable. As a one-person shop, the new normal has affected me more than I would like to admit. However, it looks like things are back on track, and so without further delay, let's get to the update proper.

In this episode:

  • Look Who Joined the Crew
  • Don't Be Shy -- Finish Your Survey
  • When Can We Get It?

Look Who Joined the Crew

Duffers was fortunate enough to have a backer pledge the "Join the Crew" tier. Illustrator and all-around brilliant human, David Sookochoff, created a portrait for the backer and to avoid any copyright issues going forward, we created a second version for the game. Check 'em out! 

The Reed's Ginger Beer crew going for a ride.
Here they are ready to save the day!

Don't Be Shy -- Finish Your Survey

There are still a few Duffers out there who need to complete their BackerKit survey. 

Even if you just donated to the cause, there's still a question or two for you. Generally,  it takes less than a minute. If you lost or deleted any of those emails, you can get back to the survey here.  

And When Can We Get It?

Ok ok... So way back in Update 8, I noted that due to the pandemic the physical game would now be shipping in August. That's still the plan. The caveat being, as with all things in life right now, that this timing is subject to any further complications from current or future global upheavals and the issues they may cause (directly or indirectly). To that end, if anyone wants to order the Print and Play (PnP) version, I'll leave the BackerKit open to the very last possible moment. The PnP itself will be finalized and ready for download in the next few weeks, so watch for that update, too.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and general awesomeness. We'll see you back on the links before you know it.

Be well, stay safe, keep swinging...


Backer Surveys Ready
5 months ago – Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 07:51:08 PM

Hello Duffers!

We’ve got a full update to get through, so let’s get right to it!

  • Surveys on the Way
  • Duffers Backer Survey FAQ
  • Preview: Advanced Course Hole Cards Artwork


At last the surveys are ready to go and you should see yours pop up in your inbox over the next few days. The email will be coming from BackerKit and contains a link to your personal survey. You won’t need to create a BackerKit account to submit your survey responses, just send them in a timely fashion, since this info is important in processing your rewards.

If you don’t receive your BackerKit email by February 25th, please go to the Duffers BackerKit page then enter your Kickstarter email address and click the “Get My Survey” button. You will be sent a new email with your survey link.

Also, if for any reason you need to update your survey responses, change your shipping address, or purchase add-ons, you can use the link in this email or request your survey link at the Duffers BackerKit project page under “Lost your Survey?”


Are all Duffers surveys done through BackerKit? Yes. All backers will need to review their information and answer their personal survey questions through BackerKit.

This is also where you will return for your Print & Play Duffers, so when you’re done the survey, I recommend you make a full BackerKit account with login and password so you can easily return to your account at a later date when the digital download is ready.

Can I Upgrade My Pledge Level or Purchase Add-Ons? Of course! You can upgrade your pledge level, buy add-ons, or even throw a little extra into a digital tip jar. If you upgrade or purchase Add-Ons, you will need to input payment information in BackerKit (that information isn’t pulled over fro Kickstarter), but you will not be charged until we “Lockdown” accounts on March 15 at 9pm EST — that’s when all Backer info needs to be in by.

What happens when my BackerKit account is in “Lockdown”? This sounds more ominous than it really is. The term just means:

  • You’ll no longer be able to make changes or additions to your account (save to update/change your shipping address)
  • All outstanding balances will be charged

Want more information on BackerKit and Backer Accounts? Check out their full FAQs here:


After a few rounds of the Beginner’s Course, you may want to up the difficulty level of your Duffers. Every box includes an Advanced Course with 9 Holes of ruthless, I mean challenging, Conditions to test the limits of your deck-building skills. But I didn’t want to spoil them for you (or scare you too badly), so I’ve just posted the artwork. I’ll let your imaginations do the rest. Between you and me, “Descent Into Madness” gives me vertigo just looking at it…

That’s it for now. I miss you all terribly — don’t be strangers! Seriously, if you have any questions, tee 'em up and send them my way... 



Tallying it all up at the 19th Hole
5 months ago – Fri, Feb 07, 2020 at 05:55:43 PM

Happy Friday Duffers!

Thank you all again for taking this journey with me. Here we are 31 days later, ready to add up the scorecard, maybe fudge a few bogeys (is that why golf pencils don't come with erasers?), and put in motion all the behind-the-scenes workings to make Duffers a reality. This includes ensuring everyone gets their rewards. To that end, I've partnered with BackerKit to streamline the rewards survey and pledge management process. 

You'll be getting an email with a link to your personal BackerKit survey early next week. Each link is unique to the recipient, so no other backers will be able to see your information. I'll send out an Update when to watch for this email as well as more details on what to expect with the survey. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out or drop me a line. 

And in case I haven't expressed it enough, I'm...

-- Duane

You Did It -- Thank You!
5 months ago – Thu, Feb 06, 2020 at 09:15:21 PM

Hello Duffers!

I am still amazed and humbled -- thank you all so much for the support and belief in the game. We've got one final day to go (well, 20 hours by my watch), one last drive before we head into the clubhouse.  Let's finish strong! (There are still stretch goals waiting to be unlocked!)

Plus as an added bonus, here are the Solo Rules for your enjoyment. My only caveat is there may be a little tweaking between now and the game's Print & Play release. 

Again, I can't thank everyone enough. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got something in my eye…

-- Duane